#silksofinegoesMaldives: Landaa Giraavaru, the Maldivian Riviera

As you might already know from our Instagram account or from our latest travel post, we have been on the Maldives (#silksofinegoesmaldives). This is time again to tell you about what we have seen, and give some inspiration about where to travel. Let our pictures ease the cold feeling of crunchy winter mornings, join me back to the Maldives! This time our destination was an island we have never been to before: Landaa Giraavaru.

On the way to Landa Giraavaru

After one week on Kuda Huraa we were flying to another Four Seasons resort. It took around 40 minutes water plane ride to arrive to Landaa Giraavaru, or as in short the locals call it to LG. LG is a much bigger island than Kuda Huraa, with a very different landscape. No, there are still no hills here (btw did you know that you can hike on the Maldives?! Just don’t mind that your feet get wet), but there is a lot of green. There is a small jungle at the middle of the island, all the way through. It is very refreshing, and gives you the feeling that you are at a big island – at least you don’t get to see the other side of the island like on most of the small, Maldivian islands. Landaa Giraavaru is around three times bigger than Kuda Huraa and people use bikes there to get around the island. Still, going all the way around takes like 5 minutes with a bike. And because of the fun sake of riding those beach bikes, sometimes we were cruising around the island two-three times.

Sweet coconut water couldn’t be more fresh – just cut  for us from the palm
Main restaurant at LG – the place to have Maldivian specialties

The concept regarding restaurants here is quite similar to Kuda Huraa, except there is no Indian cuisine on the island (however they host Bollywood nights with unbelievably many choices of delicious indian food). There is a fantastic Italian restaurant with the most beautiful view, but just as well Asian, Lebanese or Moroccan dining is possible in the restaurants around. There is also a possibility to have a delightful teppanyaki experience with the freshest ingredients available, regardless if it’s fish, beef or veggies. And of course sushi. I love sushi. They make it very good there.

The Recreation Centre on the island hosts a lot of animals, they do a wonderful job there to take care for example of handicapped turtles or different kind of fish in order to sustain the ocean life at one of the most beautiful oceans in the world. My daughter loved to go to the Recreation Centre every single day. We had to say hi to the turtles or the Nemos (clownfish) every morning and good night in the evening. The big aquarium is fantastic entertainment for the very little ones.

The much bigger aquarium -some calls it ocean- has reefs very close to the coast for the bigger children (like my husband), to admire life under the water while snorkelling or diving if you like. And for people like me, who like to lay in the sun, read a book under a palm, or just walk around in the warm white sand, there are the beaches. One beach on LG particularly reminds me to the riviera life in the 70’s – might be the set up of the umbrellas. I just love that beach. I loved to lay there and watch the water planes take off or land or to drink a Lomi Lomi – which has became officially my favourite alcohol free cocktail since this holiday. And after a sun kissed day it was a perfect finish to go to the Blue (the Italian restaurant) and watch the sunset while having first class antipasti, pizza or pasta.. Still feel the warm breeze on my skin while I am writing this..

The Maldives has so much more to offer than “only” luxury resorts. The worlds best beaches are here, spectacular reefs to discover, the turquoise shade of of the water is one you can’t find anywhere else, and you can be sure: the locals make friends with you in an blink of an eye. I have not been everywhere in the world, but out of many places I have seen, Maldives is one that has a precious place in my heart.

Best lunch
Maldivian riviera – feels like in the golden age
Few of our favourite drinks – nothing beats a good Lomi Lomi cocktail
Simplicity in life
Turtles at the Recreation Centre – stingrays and lemon sharks free in the ocean
At the end of the day on LG…

STAY TUNED: “What to pack for a winter escape” is coming soon!

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