#silksofinegoesMaldives: packing for a winter escape

I just have returned a short while ago from a wonderful travel to the Maldives (read my travel report about Kuda Huraa here and Landaa Giraavaru here). In the last decade I was lucky to be able to leave winter for a few weeks for the sun, but I have to admit: packing for a winter escape is still the same challenging. Although every single time I swear not to make the same mistake, I still pack way too much into my luggage. So it might sound a bit hypocrite to read a post from me about what to pack for a winter escape, but believe me: in theory I am pretty good. I am just not good at carrying the plan out.

Different locations mean different stuff to pack. Beyond the obvious city summer vs. beach summer there is another important thing when it comes to packing for your holiday: to know where that beach lays. More specifically I talk about islands now. Cause in my experience island style in general is very different than an “average” beach style. Me and my family prefer to go to islands for example because usually there is no very strict dress code. You can have a lunch or even a dinner in reasonably short shorts and sandals. Even on the most luxurious islands. Sometimes more luxury comes with less rules. Occasionally I really enjoy to put on some pretty, long dresses and heels for dining out for example in Dubai where there is no place without strict dress codes, but my husband tries to avoid holiday locations like that for leisure. He doesn’t want long pants and definitely no closed shoes when the air temperature is 30 °C. And I am perfectly fine with that cause nothing beats having dinner on your vacation with your bare feet in the warm sand.

On an island escape you simply do not need that many outfits, rather less but versatile pieces. I love little summer dresses, but if you don’t want to bring 14 different dresses for a two weeks vacation, than better to pack only a few dresses and more tops, skirts or shorts. Combining them enables to have different looks every day. And for sure no need to bring anything else than bikinis for having them on during the day. On an island holiday you spend most of your time on the beach and you see people only at dining times.. or not even then. On the Maldives even the smallest islands manage to make you feel very private. So in general for a two weeks winter escape I would pack more bikinis and less dresses, definitely no more than two pair of footwear (sandals and flip-flops), sunglasses and a well chosen sunhat and one pashmina for safety. And of course your cosmetics, sun lotion (on this vacation I just have found my new favourite, Hampton Sun. It is the very best I have every tried, not sticking, evenly sprays all over from every direction)) and iPad with e-books downloaded on it. There is no need for more and that is the beauty of an island vacation.. What about you? What is the most important to have with you on your vacation?

I have taken a few photos mostly of my beach outfits and in case you missed them on Instagram you can check them out now, with links to shops where you can get similar looks in case you like them..












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