Silver Dust Gift Guide

A good gift guide comes really handy as we are closer and closer to the 24th of December, so I hope you will like this one as well. My love for shimmer, glitter, sequins and silver in general is unbreakable so far. I already know what colour our Christmas tree will be. Can you guess? That’s right. Silver. A glittery one. And what else could I come up now than the ultimate Silver Dust Gift Guide. I collected really a big mixture of things for this gift guide to support every kind of idea we all might have – in silver. An iPad cover (4.) or a pair of sterling silver stud earrings packed in a pretty bottle (10) are really just the beginning of the so many beautiful thing we can get now. One of my favourite is the His & His silver plated teaspoon set (7). You can get it in Hers & Hers version too and there are also forks in this kind of setting. Isn’t it lovely? But a beautiful hammered lamp (3) or a funky leather headband (9) will make a fantastic gift as well, just as everything else in this mini gift guide. More to come (not necessarily in silver) so stay tuned! x

1. bag (890 €) 2. dress 3. lamp (385 €) 4. iPad cover 5. clutch (349 €) 6. trainers (73 €) 7. teaspoon set (35 €) 8. bracelet (110 €) 9. leather headband (245 €) 10. sterling stud earrings (18 €) 11. pencil skirt (350 €)


Silver Dust


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