Six Beauty Must-Haves for Summer

We have absolutely no good summer so far here in the North, so normally a “beauty must-haves” post for summer could be only theoretical, if I wouldn’t visit soon one of my favourite island in Spain. So actually I am pretty glad to look for things I will need when the Sun will shine on me, colouring my vitamin D craving skin. Things, that are essential for me whenever the heat is on outside.

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1. The leg mist

Recently I discovered a great product to enrich the colour of my skin (focusing on the legs) from The Body Shop, which is different than the self tanning products I have written about before. This mist is not a self tanning product. It is only colouring the skin – without any oil or shimmer. It is hydrating at the same time, doesn’t colour your clothes and dries extremely fast. With showering the colour comes off. This is my life- (leg-) saver now, when the Sun doesn’t shine at all. Shop here.

2. The scent

I already had Tom Ford perfumes before but I was not very lucky with them. The concentrate of these exclusive scents is really high and earlier I had headaches when I used them. But not this time! The Mandarino Di Amalfi is my summer breeze, I wouldn’t go one step without. Very fresh, very special, very Tom Ford. Shop here.

3. The eye gel

If you read SsF, you already know my obsession with La Mer’s illuminating eye gel, and it hasn’t changed a bit. It is perfect for carrying in my handbag and refreshes my (almost) always puffy eyes at any time. Very light, you can use it over your make up as well, it will not ruin it. Shop here.

4. Rouge in Love

This season is all about colours and although I usually keep it casual with lip sticks, I can’t resist to use this rouge from Lancôme. Not only the colour palette of this edition is very bright but the texture is also beautiful summery. It is light and kissable, I tried (lol). Shop here.

5. The eyeliner

Chanel knows best – not only inspiring but very practical as well. I am a huge fan of minimal make up and glad to acknowledge that sometimes an eyeliner is enough. You don’t need anything else to the beach only a splash of funky colour (I love this turquoise one) above your eyes and you are good to go. It is waterproof of course. Shop here.

6. Sun on the nails

Despite of being always up to trying new things I was jumping on this nail polish with skepticism. I like to follow trends but not to go all the way out there if it doesn’t suit me. But somehow after testing this colour on my nails I had to admit: it is working! It is drying fast and holds long. Not too bright but bright enough to make you feel better when you look at your beautifully manicured hands. It looks the best with tan. Shop here.

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