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I have never thought that beside of white sneakers I would want to have any other accessories (heels or bags) in white, but what do you know. The whole “white hype” has started already last summer and it is getting stronger currently. I have seen some beautiful styles with white bag and that might be the reason why latently I became fan of white accessories. Still not too much of heels but bags.

Celine Trotteour bag-2425-2
New in: CELINE Trotteour bag

White in general is one of the best colour choices for a brunette: white top, white jeans, white coat, it is all more than welcome in my wardrobe. But a white bag was also always out of question for me (heels still are). No idea why exactly. Might be for practical reasons. I mean anything white is very sensitive colour and a bag we throw here and there is the first victim of an average lifestyle (especially when you are a mom). I am a conformist, I do not like to take care of every step I take (yet all my stuff is in amazing shape for decades long). But something has happened. I did not hear any practical warnings in my head anymore, and boom. I have found this dreamy piece piece by Celine and it was done. The name of the line is Trotteour, very sleek, minimalistic, and the leather is grained, which puts my “white bag concerns” into rest, cause it is more durable.

More white bag choices in every price range

(click on the images to check in shop)


Now the only question is how to style this pretty thing, but I am not that worried about that much. I think this bag will go with everything. But before I get to style it, lets see how other do it 😉 . x



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