Stand out – being different is actually chic

Long time ago I have read it somewhere that when you are out of inspiration, do something different than usual, or something that looks absolutely outstanding for you. That will bring back your mojo of inspiration. So this is exactly what I did now, I went out of my little box and looked for pieces which look special on their own and even more special when they are put together. At first sight this set is really different to what I would take normally, still totally suits my taste. I am a fan of layering and here I chose an oversized dress pulled over a pencil skirt. Poison-green and burgundy are a fabulous combination, and the YSL bag is my vote for bag of the season. A pair of tweed mules are on their own special, they stand out not only with being mules but their texture. I think this set is different and really chic. Do you agree? (cuff)

Stand out


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