Statement earrings to love

Hello lovelies how is your week going? On the weekend I have returned from my travel (you could see all my stories on my Instagram) and finally managed to sort out my closet. Well almost. It is actually still in process, cause it seems like I need more sessions for saying good bye to pieces I love but never wear. But it is an other story.

Anyway, while I was organising my closet I was already making plans for organising my jewellery box as well. Probably not that common to sort your jewellery box out but there are definitely things in there what I do not wear anymore – so they must go (I give my stuff to shops to resell) to make place for nice new things. And speaking of nice new things I couldn’t resist to check out some beautiful jewellery (I have a thing for statement earrings and statement necklaces as well) and so I made a wish-list. I especially like the one-ear-style (no idea how it is officially called), when you have a long earring in one ear and you can add a stud (or nothing) to the other one.

How about you? Anything you like form my selection?

My earrings on the photo: Oscar de la Renta


Photo: Isabell Jetchev

Statement earrings to love

Preis starts from 14,95€

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