Street Food Disco by Kitchen Guerilla

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They hijack sailing ships, construction sites and restaurants to bring you the best food in the world: Kitchen Guerilla is a mobile kitchen unit consisting of three self-taught cuisine professionals with a passion for modern versions of traditional recipes with local ingredients of high quality – and having fun while cooking! Fourteen years ago, the founders Koral Elci and Olaf Deharde met in Hamburg and developed the idea of a mobile kitchen with the focus on local products. More than a decade later, the team not only became one of the most famous Hamburg based traveling kitchen, it also grew up to three members (Onur Elci joined the team in 2011) and an internationally active culinary network with a branch office in Istanbul, Turkey. The idea is intruiging: No processed food, only local and regional meat, vegetables and spices; closed events for friends, fans and everyone else who is fast enough to get on the guest list!


Why spending your next romantic date at a boring restaurant when you can experience real love for soul food and get together with people who think alike? Take your friends and beloved ones to the Olympus Photography Playground studio where Kitchen Guerilla will make your food dreams come true: if you are quick enough to register, you will be able to experience the real meaning of happiness in your tummy and your feet. First, you will be delivered finest street kitchen by the Kitchen Guerilleros, next you will find yourself sipping on a delicious moscow mule and dancing to disco classics. Do not worry if you cannot make it to this special event, the next one is already in line: “Rush Hour Aperitivo”, same place on Friday, March 28, 8 p.m. Make sure to book in advance as this one is going to be a fabulous party as well (each event for 20 € per person including dinner and one beer). We look forward to be amazed!

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