Street style photographer to watch: Louise Nordtorp Veng

She’s got it all: tremendous amount of passion, talent, style and a NIKON D600. I’m pleased to introduce you one of the coolest street style photographer slash blogger, Louise Nordtorp Veng from Polaris Journal. She has covered among others Milan, Paris and Copenhagen Fashion Weeks for EUROWOMAN Denmark. She’s a full time dreamer and a real Copenhagener who’s cycling from one show to another in her stylish outfit, always carrying her camera and her biggest charm: her smile.

Meet Louise, my amazing interviewee

There has been a lot of buzz around the rather show off street style phenomenon lately as highly driven photographers going crazy to take a snap of the uncrowned style queens (and kings) whom are shifting the world’s attention from the catwalks to the streets instead. Louise, my interviewee, is a part of this not-that-narrow but fairly exclusive circle. She’s the one behind the lenses to be precise. I clearly recall my first time meeting Louise. It happened to be on the snowiest day of Copenhagen Fashion Week last season, just when she captured me on the go (rush) to one show from another. By now I know that it was her very first Fashion Week experience as a street style photographer and also her first move to pursue her dream. During my Copenhagen visit last week I’ve got the opportunity to finally interview her over a hearty glass of super tasty smoothie outside at Paludan Bogcafé. Despite Louise is a newbie, she has already shot faces like Anna Dello Russo, Susie Bubble, Justin O’Shea or Leila Yavari (she’s beyond amazing!). Let me introduce you Louise Nordtorp Veng, the coolest up-and-coming Danish street style photographer who’s definitely want to watch and adore…So Louise,

Tell me a few things about yourself. What’s your background?

I’m originally educated as a nutritionist and personal trainer, although it’s really not my thing.

Was there the moment when you knew that photography was what you wanted to do or has it always been there in your life?

Yes, it happened two years ago on my birthday…I’ve got a camera from my boyfriend. We soon became inseparable. And as for fashion, it has always been there.

So what happened then?

Last season, for the first time, I took my camera with me to the Fashion Week in Copenhagen and captured the streets’ most stylish faces. The images turned out quite good, so I decided to send them out to different publications here in Denmark. I took my chance and from then on I was enjoying EUROWOMAN‘s trust and the next week I was already on my to Milan Fashion Week…Pretty surreal, right?

Wow, everything happened really quick then. Did you have any mentors along the way?

Not really a person, but I’m very critical with my own work. When you get to stand next to Garance Doré, Tommy Ton or Scott Schuman you try to learn the little tricks from them just by watching them to shoot. Then you go home and compare your pictures. The angle, the type of camera, and the lenses – all these things count and make your work look different even if you are standing only a reach from each other.

Paris Fashion Week
Ever gorgeous Russian street style icon, Mira Duma spotted during Paris Fashion Week (Image courtesy: Louise Nordtorp Veng)

Who do you look up to?

To the above mentioned guys absolutely. I also enjoy the work and energy of Daniel Bruno Grandl from TheUrbanSpotter or Diego Zuko’s friendliness and elegance from The Outsider.

Is it a tough business, what do you think? What kind of qualities and skills one needs?

Tough in a sense that we are many, and have to run and focus and at the same time suggest good energy. But this toughness is also sweet: it’s passionate and very motivating so to say. The skills, well, you need to have the right equipment most of all and you need to know how to use it properly. Personality-wise one shall be patient, driven, fast and a good communicator.

What’s your dream platform you would like to publish your work?

Vogue Paris indeed.

Paris Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week (Image courtesy: Louise Nordtorp Veng)

Will you also tell us a few words about Polaris Journal?

It used to be my personal blog where I featured my photography and thoughts. Today, Polaris Journal is much more than that; it grown into a corporate online platform running by me, and my good friend, American blogger, Joshua Bredehoef. We are experimenting with a very different kind of blogging; you will need to check it out to understand what I mean exactly.

What’s your next destination?

I’m covering London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks for EUROWOMAN and I could not be more excited.

How would you describe your-kind-of-aesthetics? What do you look at a person before you decide to capture him or her?

I like to follow up on new faces. Danish model Charlie Bredal is my newly discovered fav. I love unconventional beauty, laid-back style and sophisticated details – such as a piece of jewellery or a neat print. I think I have good eyes for the latter.

Where do you go for inspiration?

Inspiration in a sense that whose style to focus on and what’s happening in the world I browse blogs and fashion magazines.

Copenhagen Fashion Week
Copenhagen Fashion Week – The kimono style (Image courtesy: Louise Nordtorp Veng)

How different is it in Copenhagen than for example in Paris?

It doesn’t really compare. Copenhagen is cosy and everybody knows EUROWOMAN while in Paris there is a lot more buzz, a lot more running and whole different street style phenomenon.

Which show was your absolute favourite during CFW?

Freya Dalsjø because of the collection, Ganni because of the venue, and Henrik Vibskov because it’s a whole different experience than the rest of the shows.

A last question Louise. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Well, I’m beyond glad that I’ve found photography, or that photography found me. I’m self-taught; hence I’m planning to assist someone great for the sake of future development. Fashion photography is surely my thing and I strive to become better and better. You will see!

Thank you very much Louise, it’s been a pleasure. We are watching you!

Chiara Ferragani wearing in Just Cavalli statement coat during Milan Fashion Week (Image courtesy: Louise Nordtorp Veng)
Belgian model Gabi Odiele after the Mads Nørgaard show in Copenhagen (Image courtesy: Louise Nordtorp Veng)
Kristine Halken Sørensen was rocking a hot tomboyish look at Copenhagen Fashion Week (Image courtesy: Louise Nordtorp Veng)
Copenhagen Fashion Week icons – left: Hege Aurelie Badendyck from Costume Norway, right: Model Caroline Brasch Nielsen (Image courtesy: Louise Nordtorp Veng)

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