Stunning architecture of New York City

Our BERLIN Specialist, Julia, has already reported about her favourite spots to eat, shop or chill in the Big Apple, and now, my visit to this sparkling city inspired me to share my admiration about the oh-so-famous New York city architecture. I am a big fan of different cultures and New York didn’t disappoint, just as they say in the series 30 rock: “Oh, there is nothing like New York in the Spring!” (lol)

Statue of Liberty, New Jersey and Lower Manhattan

And there really is nothing like it. I have been several times in the USA, east and west coast included but somehow I always skipped New York on the map. But now, thanks to a wonderful family vacation, I have been, and I would surely go back. As a first timer surely tons of experiences hit me in The City but I have three Extremes:

1. People are extremely friendly

2. The city is extremely loud

3. The architecture is extremely fascinating

I have no visual proof of the first two points, however browsing through my photos taken in New York I have realised that without planning to focus on the architecture I have actually captured several architectural beauties. To stand at the foot of these admirable human creations gave me goosebumps sometimes. I hope my photos give the feeling back a little bit.. Enjoy!

Time Warner Center

Time Warner Center: an iconic New York destination. We stayed in a hotel right at the Columbus Circle, where the twin-tower building invites everybody to shop, live, dine and be entertained. Right at the neighbourhood of the Central Park this area is extremely touristic, still surely worth to see this glass building from close.

Alwyn Court

We just passed by this beautiful building and without knowing what it was I had to take a shot of it. Although on this photo you only see a little of the buildings beside, but this decorative, French Renaissance style building stands out of all the surrounding buildings. It is an apartment building in the neighbourhood of the Central Park and simple breathtaking.

Empire State Building

This building needs no introduction, either King Kong or for me rather the most romantic movie of all times, An affair to remember made the Empire State building memorable, even when I was just a little girl. Going up into the tower of the tallest building in the world for nearly 40 years long (1931-1970) is a very humble experience and the view from the top is breathtaking regardless if it is during the day or at night..

On the left with the lighted tower is the Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building is a historical building with renovated lobby and elevators (fun!) and because of its special tower I am sure everyone can find it on this night view from the Empire State, without reading the caption. The specialty of it to have 360 degree views all over Manhattan. Fascinating.

Washington Square Arch at the Washington Square Park (One World Trade Centre in the background)

This square is frequently shown in Gossip Girl but from a different angle. The Arch stands there like a magical gate to a spot for gathering avant-garde artists, a playground for children or a battle field for chess enthusiasts. We have spent quite a time with watching the most entertaining street artists.. It is a great spot to relax before entering Greenwich Village. In the background the One World Trade Center..

Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building – at the intersection of the Broadway and the 5th Avenue – one of New York’s (or rather the world’s) most iconic building is considered to be a a groundbreaking skyscraper because of its thin shape. Many people at the time believed that the building will not withdraw a stronger wind because of the combination of its shape and height. Looks like time proved them wrong.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

This image of the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan is probably the most expressive regarding my impressions about New York’s architecture. This huge contrast between new and old, traditional and modern is something that is true about New York in general. Personally I find it to be a shockingly beautiful contrast.

Buildings on buildings – skyline from a terrace of Barney’s
The Plaza Hotel

Being a huge movie fan when I hear the name “The Plaza Hotel” I automatically link it to the Great Gatsby era, to beautiful balls, to luxurious weddings but also to the Beatles who famously stayed in the hotel during their first visit to New York. This historic hotel features a castle like exterior blending graciously into Manhattan’s beautifully hectic architecture scene.

One World Trade Center

In the neighbourhood of the Wall Street stands now the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere, the One World Trade Center. It is very hard to keep cool when I think of where this beautiful building is standing. Ground Zero makes us never forget what has happened here in 2001, there is a memorial and a museum – I could not go in there. It is hard enough to see the names of all the 2983 victims engraved around the edges of the two memorial pools located at the exact place where the Twin Towers once stood..

Crossing under the Manhattan Bridge (in the background the Brooklyn Bridge)
A blink at the Financial District, included the 70 Pine Street (the tower, middle-left in the background)
Brooklyn Bridge

One of the oldest bridges, connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan over the East River. A stunning creation with a lot of history – used in wars to hide bunkers inside, has been target of terrorists, serves as an iconic location for  protesters and who knows what more. I was pretty obsessed to find a location where you can get a special view on the bridge. I have seen it in so many movies like Gangs of New York or Gossip girl. It is between houses, looking at a small part of the bridge as it graciously lays over the water. Unfortunately there was not enough time to look for that place – something to keep in mind for my next visit.

Lower Manhattan
The Lady – Statue of Liberty

A gift from the people of France to the United States, facing France. I have never thought how different it is to see such a monument in real life than on photographs or in movies. I couldn’t help to think of the people whose first sight into a happier new life started with looking at The Lady (how locals call her), on their way to the neighbour Ellis Island, which served as an immigrant inspection station (beautiful building as well!).

Ellis Island
Times Square at dawn
Leaving The City through the fantastic Queensboro Bridge

Connecting Manhattan and Long Island this was my last view when we left The City. This bridge is the first entry point and the last exit point of Manhattan. A wonderful human creation to make our exit as well memorable. New York City is a living sparkle, Manhattan is understandably a real dream of a lot of people and besides of having the best restaurants, being a shopping paradise, the architecture is remarkable.. I couldn’t see so much I wanted, but such a big apple should not be wasted only for one meal right? I will be back.

je t’aime New York

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