How to get a stylish casual look on a budget

I like to dream about beautiful things and creating a stylish look on a budget motivates me to be creative. Lately I have got a lot of questions about how much I spend on outfits and also sometimes critics, telling me that it is not hard to look stylish when you spend big money on clothes and stuff. So I thought this is a great topic to elaborate on, because I am not the first to say this: looking stylish is never the question of money. It is about the way you work with whatever you have.

Photos: Isabell Jetchev

Today there are many shops producing very similar looking clothes like the latest runway designs, so I think it is out of question to be able to access certain looks (the ethical and the economical shadow of these kind of retailers is an other issue). I shop from these retailers as well, the better ones usually have premium and/or eco-friendly and/or ethical collections. Some things I find even better in these shops than the few hundred Euro more expensive versions of the same stuff. For instance I just recently re-discovered the Zara denim collection. There is a premium line which literally feels premium. Soft and elastic, very comfy and keeps the shape. Or there is the premium selection of Mango, which features beautiful and outstanding designs – although the prices are also higher. But I am a big fan of buying knits on a budget. With a knit there is simply nothing that can go wrong, the quality feels really nice and there are amazing cashmere products for friendly prices available as well.

…looking stylish is never the question of money…

However there are certain things I like to have in higher quality, like shoes and bags. They are my weaknesses but for two very different reasons. A good pair of shoes are a must but what defines them to be good? Beside of looking good it must be healthy! Unfortunately high quality in these criterias costs always more. There are several shops that sell cheap but great looking footwear but in my experience these shoes mostly are produced out of terrible material, with smelly glues and with zero attention to human anatomy. I rather go for a pair of shoes which are comfortable (listen to your body!) and made of breathing, soft materials. Rather buy less but good quality!

About the bags, well, for me they are art-pieces when beautifully designed. In this perspective I like to think of myself as a collector of beautiful things which are practical as well. I mean it is not enough to look great cause I would never get a bag that doesn’t function as a bag. But I do not mind to invest in timeless designer pieces which will make my daughter happy one day.

But back to the topic: how to achieve a stylish casual look on a budget? I do it with combining low and high, designer stuff with high street items, just as I wrote it above. Accessories are always a highlight, the first sight goes usually on them, so I try to keep them classy, while I add some fine selection of budget friendly clothing. I would never spend much on a very hyped piece, it will go out of style fast, but rather invest in classy designs that one can enjoy for a long time.

What do you think about this topic? What is your secret to keep stylish on a budget?

What I Wear

Scarf: H&M Knit and jeans: Zara Heels: Gianvito Rossi Bag: Louis Vuitton Sunglasses: Celine

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