Subtile glamour: the little black vest

I find it amazing how (not so) little golden buttons can transform a look. A little black vest becomes an “IT” piece and a sporty look gets an elevated appearance. Of course this piece by Balmain is way much more than only a little black vest.

little black vest 0326
Photos: Anny Opi

Balmain is one of the most glamorous brands I know and although sometimes I have the feeling it is only supermodels who can wear their designs, there are few pieces of average fans like me as well 😉 . This season Balmain made a lot of amazing jackets (I am dreaming of this pink one) that go with everything or versatile pieces like this vest.

Currently it is still warm and I like to wear this vest without anything under it but when the weather changes a turtleneck or a dress will be styled with it. Balmain is extremely high class that comes for a high price but there are some nice alternatives by Zara for example. A few years back I purchased there a long black coat with very similar buttons to these. Viva la glamour 🙂 x

What I Wear

Black vest: Balmain Pants: Stella McCartney Sneakers: Golden Goose Sunglasses: Prada

Budget version


little black vest 0328 little black vest 0452 little black vest 0419 little black vest 0360 little black vest 0339

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