Summer snacks – The best SILKsofine appetizers

It’s scorching hot outside and all we want is to cool down in a turquoise pool and sip refreshing drinks. Summer is the season when it’s extremely crucial what we eat and how much we drink. Other than water, fruits, vegetables and light proteins shall take up our daily dose of victuals. Are you ready to try out our favourite summer snack recipes?


When I feel hunger and wish to pamper myself, I think of light meals, based on fresh fruits, nuts, herbs and salads. A nice ambiance of sour, salty and slightly sweet flavours with a glass of icy water and heart-healthy antioxidants is what I’m always up to. Keeping food healthy and quick is key to a perfect summer day. Here are three easy snacks to help you make the most of summer days by the pool. Get inspired with our best summer appetizers like the delicious ruccola – watermelon salad with mint and avocado, the healthy raw vegetarian shashlik with yoghurt dipping or the irresistible chilled raspberry soup with vanilla ice-cream.

Ruccola – Watermelon salad with mint and avocado


Ingredients you will need:




Nuts (Baked if you like)

Mint leafs

For the dipping:

2 spoons of Olive oil

1 spoon of Honey

2 spoons of Lime

A dash of salt

A dash of coarsely ground black pepper

The steps:

1. Cut the watermelon into cubes and softly mix it with the ruccola and shredded mint leafs. Hull the avocado and cut it into pieces. Place them on the top of the salad.

2. Mix the olive oil with honey, lime, salt and pepper and pour the liquid onto the salad.  Gently toss to combine.

3. Garnish with a few whole raspberries and baked nuts.

4. Serve it with dark garlic toast to make it a complete dish!

Raw Vegetarian Shashlik with Yoghurt dipping


Ingredients you will need:


Mozzarella balls



Sticks of celery

For the dipping:

A cup of ricotta

A cup of nature yoghurt

A dash of salt

2 spoons of lemon

Dried rosemary

1 clove of garlic

The steps:

1. Wash and hull the vegetables then cut them into pieces. Fix them on a stick in a neat order.

2. For the dipping stir the ricotta and yoghurt together with salt, and black pepper. Hull and smash the garlic and mix it the lemon juice. Blend it together and put it in the fridge for an hour or so before serving.

Chilled Raspberry soup with vanilla ice-cream


Ingredients you will need:

4 handful frozen raspberries

2 nectarines

A cup of cranberry juice (and a dash of dry red wine if you like)

A cup of low fat sour cream or yoghurt


Sugar or honey to taste

Fresh Basil


The steps:

1. Place the frozen raspberries, two nectarines, sugar or honey and the cranberry juice in blender and speed until smooth. Add also the few fresh basil leafs and drops of lemon and blend it once again.

2. Pour the raspberry mixture into bowl; stir in low fat sour cream or yoghurt. Cover and refrigerate 1 to 2 hours or until cold. Serve topped with dollops of additional sour cream or ice-cream and raspberries if desired.

Bon appetite!

Now it’s your turn ladies and gents! What’s your favourite summer snack? We are so ready for a recipe-exchange in the comment section!


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