Tan or not to tan.. this is the question

I love to tan. Sunbathing especially. On beach vacations I can spend my whole time laying on the beach, once in a while  jumping into the water for refreshment then laying or walking around in the sun again. That’s my kind of way to gain my energy back.. I always go to vacations fully packed with my favorite sunscreens but I was never really consequent about using them. When yes, then low factors, like 15 spf and never higher than 30 spf. Today I am not sure at all if that was the right thing to do.

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Beside of sunbathing, when I had no chance to travel to the warm, I liked to jump into a solarium for short, just to maintain that healthy glow. I was always lucky with my skin and everything seemed to work just fine with tanning.. Anyway I consider myself looking the best with a healthy natural tan. However now, close to 40 I have realised a lot of changes on my skin. Feels very thin and sensitive, tans unevenly and there are a few disturbing spots. Not too bad but not how it was before.. I was thinking: is it because of my age (but I am still young or what?!)? Is it because I am lazy sometimes to do the facial cleansing correctly? Or because of the lot of sunbathing/occasional solarium? I always try to find answers on the Internet, and in my recent research I came across pretty radical “doctors answers” about sunbathing/solarium. I know protecting our skin was forever an important issue, but earlier I just didn’t care. Like at all. I only realized it now, how strict doctors are when it comes to UV rays and co. And how rightful they are. I think it comes with age to realise our responsibilities for our own health, hopefully not too late. Skin cancer doesn’t necessarily show shortly after exposing our skin to dangerous rays, it might come many years later, unexpectedly. I don’t want that, who would.. With my skin I don’t have other than aesthetic issues for now, nevertheless I decided to change this unhealthy habit of mine and start to use higher factor sunscreens when I can’t resist laying sunbathing and skip solarium all together. I am in the search of good self-tanners and already have found a few I intend to try. Do you have any favourites? 

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