That’s a wrap – Top 5 Cozy Coat Styles

Finding the right coat is like winning the lottery. Well. Kind of. Almost. Ok, not at all, cause for all that big money you could buy not one but all the 5 styles I have nominated to be on the top of the wish lists this season.


What I am trying to say is that in case you do not win the lottery and you can not afford to buy five different styles of coats, then it is actually pretty important to find the one that goes with all. I am still in the hunt so I have made this list to inspire me you.

1. Wrap

I am a big fan cause nothing screams “cozy” louder than a fluffy, soft wrap coat. I would say the length is pretty important, shouldn’t be too short nor too long, somewhere above the knee is what I vote for.

2. Checked

I need time to adopt a few trends but finally the checked style checked in to (lol) my wish-list as well. I am mostly inspired by shorter versions, and additionally I would probably wrap a (faux) fur stole around my neck. That could make the look a kind of preppy from the 70’s.

3. Cashmere

The queen of wintery fabrics is undoubtedly cashmere (sorry alpaca blends, I love you but you are not for everyone). Soft, warm, perfect and not only for wrap styles.

4. Cape

Still here, still very versatile and I still do not have any so I can’t speak from experience, but I seriously consider to get a cape finally. Cause for me it looks so comfy just wear it above anything that has for example a too wide sleeve like this Isabel Marant chunky knit. And chunky, oversized tops are just as present this season as capes are.

5. Down

No doubt a down jacket/coat is essential for every wardrobe. For those whom durability is important for, it is no question what to look for. And down styles are not automatically associated with sporty anymore, there are very pretty, feminine styles to wear with not only denim but dresses as well.

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