The bandana game is on (again)

I had my first bandana in the 90’s, when I discovered my huge affection for rap music (oh yes, and my heart hasn’t changed a bit about it) and I expressed this love in every way I could. Dressing was of course my favourite one.

All images: Nona Photography by Nona Arabuli

I had a red baseball jacket with white sleeves and handmade embroidery in the back, saying: “No sleep to Brooklin” (any guesses where it is from? Cheatsheet at the end of the post). “Obviously” I had (and still have it!) a red/white bandana, which I wore in my hair or on my wrist. One of the best times of my life. Not (only) because of the bandana 🙂 ..

Now I have found my old bandana in my closet and I realised how much I actually loved it back then. I got totally in the mood to wear bandanas again, but giving exposure to their full potential I mix and match the styles. I have this black one to tone the wildness down a bit but you sure will see me wearing my old red one too. I should get one of those baseball jackets as well.. and guess what I am listening to while I am writing this post.. 😉

What I wear:

Bandana and Jacket: Asos Shirt: Alexander Wang Jeans: Weekday Pumps: Aquazzura Bag: Saint Laurent

Aquazzura and Saint Laurent

bandana 2

There you go 🙂

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