The big New Year’s Eve make-up issue before the party

Ladies, I hope you have managed to sort out your New Year’s Eve outfit and decide which dress you are. There is one small thing left; the make-up. I went through some inspirational images and I cannot really decide whether I shall go for smoky eyes, strong lips, or for a natural bronze overall tone for my New Year’s Eve make-up…I’m hoping for your help actually and just wanted to show you my favourite beauty products I’m much into lately.

All images: Fairchild

When it comes to my daily make-up routine I usually do not use any foundation only BB cream, some blusher and mascara. BUT, on weekends or on the occasion of a special party etc I love to play around with different kind of products and apply more make-up than usual. NYE is coming so I guess it’s time to make some decisions. Are you ready? So here are my three options. For example the smoky eyes kind of make-up is something I’ve learnt while I was in college. Of course I never wore it at school only when it was carnival or Halloween. As the New Year’s Eve night out is just around the corner, I’m thinking of wearing some glittery eye powder blended with black ones and as well as eye liner of course and mascara. Currently Burberry Beauty’s waterproof eye pencil is my nr 1. Naturally, I’d leave my lips as they are or add a touch of transparent lip glow to them.

Another option I’m really keen to try is to go for a very nice foundation, blusher and add bronze tones to the eyes. By Terry’s metallic eyeshadows come in beautiful waterproof shades but currently the one called  Darling Muse is my muse. I think if I go with this option, I’ll definitely add some pastel colour to my lips and matching nail polish. For example this glittery one from Essie above.

And just to make the decision harder – I know this sounds pretty much like a #firstworldproblem – I have the natural look with strong lipstick on mind. A hint of blush, mascara and some strong colour for the lips and nails also. I guess this is the least time consuming, however I really would not mind having some me time and a cosy beauty session with my girls before it all starts….What do you think, ladies? Do you have the same dilemma?

All images: Fairchild

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