The down-to-flats movement at Chanel Couture a.k.a the Flats vs. Heels debate continues

Ladies, I think we have an issue here…I hope you are ready to continue the shoes debate with us here, on SILKsofine, because I’ve got some updates for you concerning what’s trending right now. If you wondered whether flats or heels will take over after my last week’s article, I might have a message for you coming straight from the most valid living fashion source; Karl Lagerfeld, who once again did not shy away from setting an unconventional trend on the catwalk. The eponymous designer of the now has sent some holly sneakers down to the runaway on the occasion of the Chanel couture show last week. Surprised? Well, I think it’s time for another discussion and I guess you can take this article as the Part 2 Flats vs. Heels debate – happening right here. The funny thing is that actually not only Chanel went for flats but also Dior showed us some sparkly slip-on sneaks during the Couture Fashion Week in Paris. Will the literally down-to-flats movement upscale flats to replace heels? – We can only wonder… Chanel Spring 2014 HC

Chanel Spring 2014 HC (All images: Fairchild)

But let’s try to paddle deeper…Right after I shared an image detail from Chanel’s couture show on our Facebook page, we’ve received a comment asking whether the sneakers issue could be a consequence of having Kristen Stewart as the face of Chanel? And she had a point, because Stewart really has a cool rock chic style, but to be frank, I wouldn’t call her a sneakers-freak but more of a Converse-girl, unlike for instance Nike-lover Cara Delevingne (the other muse of Karl), who seems to be completely embracing the sporty chic aesthetic. It’s weird to say, but looks like a new expression was born called ‘comfy couture’ thanks to Chanel that dared to replace heels with not even bluchers or ballerinas but with custom kicks. Of course we are not talking about average sneakers… Chanel’s footwear – that were made by atelier Massaro out of the finest lace, pearls, python and tweed –  took at least 30 hours to complete each pair and will be available for purchase but only if you buy the whole couture look…The price tag will likely be around 3,000 euros per pair as reported.

Chanel Spring 2014 HC

Even though I did not plan doing a whole proper collection review on Chanel’s latest line-up I feel the need of making this article complete by having spoken a bit about the pieces themselves too. Despite the lack of heights, the looks were so dreamy and ethereal with sneakers as they were supposed to be – showcasing pastel hues, crystal accents and sheer layering. To contrast beauty and to boost the sporty luxe feel even more, besides sneakers, knee and elbow pads gave the show a youthful and athletic feel, making us crave to be the coolest brides on Earth. And if you would doubt Karl’s new view on heavenly couture this is what he said in a video interview posted on Chanel’s website after the show: ‘In the history of fashion, around 1800 to 1840 or 1845, women had flat shoes. Even with a ball gown, they had flat shoes.’ Does this mean the days of suffering for the sake of high fashion are over? Looks like the two most significant fashion houses in France just made a major commitment for the good of flats and has praised around 200 nostalgic years back.

Chanel Spring 2014 HC

Chanel Spring 2014 HC


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