The food everyone is posting about: porridge

Time to time there are certain pictures of food which are circulating in social-medias. Because they are delicious, simple to make plus they look amazing- especially with the right filter 😉 . So I thought why not share my way of making one of those infamous insta-food creations that is so highly popular and seen like in every third blogger-feed. Here comes a very simple, healthy and fast breakfast recipe, boosted a little: porridge with yoghurt, fresh fruits and chia seeds.

porridge with yoghurt, fresh berries and chia seeds

Porridge with yoghurt, fresh fruits and chia seeds

What you need:

50 g porridge oat

350 ml milk or water (I use 50-50 mixture)

Natural yoghurt

Fresh berries

Fresh pomegranate

Chia seeds

How to make it:

Put porridge, milk and water in a saucepan with a pinch of salt. Bring to boil and shimmer for 6-7 minutes, constantly stirring, cause it can easily stick to the bottom of the pan. If it is too tick you can always add some extra milk or water to get the consistency you prefer.

Leave it to cool down for a few minutes.

When it is cold put yoghurt on top (if you like you can add some honey to sweeten it) and then come all the toppings. My favourite toppings at summer time are fresh berries, pomegranate, and chia seeds. But you can add actually whatever you like, it is breakfast time so fruit-sugar will only work for your favour during the day. Enjoy! x

ps. Remember to drink a lot after you ate chia seeds dry! Chia seeds soak a lot of liquid, so if you eat them dry you need to refill the water your body needs.

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