The greatest debate of all times: Heels or Flats?

Flats vs Heels

Fashion Week season is on and we are wondering what the shoes trend is going to be, especially to see whether flats or heels will take over the front row and the streets?! I’m actually glad I’m doing this write-up now and not a year ago because that would have really been a one track opinion, with a roundabout reasoning of half thousand words by giving the case for flats. If you have read my ALTEWAISAOME article you by now know about this feminine vs comfort-comes-first dilemma I’m facing lately. Ever since I bought those perfect plain black suede heels from Zara last year I literally crave the occasions I can wear them however it does not mean that I became a heel person at all. The funny thing is that I don’t even have to feel bad about it. Front row used to do heels and of course still many do but in fact Birkenstocks, slip-ons or Air Max made a big comeback this summer that were literally everywhere accompanied with biker boots and Church’s brogues. It sounds more than a victory but as we all know, trends come and go, this will probably pass too and one day sky-high-heels will be the new flats again…

Thanks to ELLE I actually got you some interesting numbers too; ‘In the last year, US women spent $5.2 billion on flats (not including sneakers)–up 3.5% from 2012—according to market research firm NPD group. They spent $4.5 billion on medium and high heels, down 0.6% from 2012.’ So that’s how the front row heels became front row flats. Although heels donate confidence and our position many times requires them, there are many reasons why woman favours flats over heels and vice versa. Some of us are tall and some of us are short, driving or biking, were born to be style icons or oppositely being completely sporty or busy moms with five kids and two dogs. But to stay within the confines of fashion; we are willing to suffer in the name of style and many believe that ‘the higher the heel, the closer to God’. If you are asking me , high heels should be treated like dessert, rather than the main course, something special for special occasions. But even if you disagree it won’t make us enemies, instead you will win my respect if you are one of those girls who manage to survive wearing heels all day and all night.

Jimmy Choo Alina Metallic-Leather Ballerinas

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