Brave with colours for fall: the orange bomber

The time is over when we all dressed in black at winter time! I liked the classic all black everything looks from the past, cause they were so Italian, so chic, but it is time to move on and have some fun with colours. And an orange bomber jacket is definitely not ordinary, especially when you mix & match and combine it with oh-so-trendy tweed skirts and feminine heels.

Classic to cool: the tweed skirt, orange bomber-9358
Photos: Isabell Jetchev

I always liked bomber jackets although probably the weather is not anymore so perfect to wear them. Unless they are long, like this amazing colour version. But this bomber I am wearing on the picks is a good one: it is warm enough and reversible. One side is rainproof, a kind of purple/dark lilac (like the hem) colour and the other side is orange (not for wet weather). It is really a striking colour, so in order to not to look like a happy clown I had to tone down everything else and chose a monochrome outfit under it. Black and white is always a safe choice. However a pop of colour is nice when greyness is taking over our northern days. So this is my take on of having a little fun and go brave with colour(s).

Brave colours of the season (from 20€ – 1100€)


Mixing & matching sporty and feminine is one of my very favourite in styling, so this sporty bomber works for me with ultra feminine heels the best. It’s not hard to find a pair of black booties like these in any girls’ cabinet I assume, as they are essentials, which work in every single season. But any other heels would work well too, pumps or sandals if the weather allows.

Oh and the skirt is really awesome! It is an unlined tweed, with a slit. The slit you can wear wherever you prefer, at the front in the middle or on the side, or in the back if you like. It is really a fun piece that is easy to style with anything.

Do you like this look? Are you brave with colours?

What I Wear

Orange bomber: Alpha Industries (original version) T-shirt: Zoe Karen (similarTweed skirt: Isabel Marant Booties: Prada Bag: Saint Laurent

Classic to cool: the tweed skirt, orange bomber-9279 Classic to cool: the tweed skirt, orange bomber-9317-2 Classic to cool: the tweed skirt, orange bomber-9262 Classic to cool: the tweed skirt, orange bomber-9440 Classic to cool: the tweed skirt, orange bomber-9365

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