Your best friend to carry all: the perfect tote bag

I don’t know how it is with you, but with all the mini bags and top handles (bag trends 2016) around I need a change in the bag front. Fashion design goes around in circles, and I feel like the time has arrived when probably we should move a little away from the small size bags and get something more spacious to carry our everyday things in. More specifically I am looking for the perfect tote bag, that seems to slowly get a well deserved focus again.


I am a serious shoes and bags fan, if you follow my journey a longer time (Instagram), then you most likely noticed it already. But I am very picky and choose carefully what I buy. I totally believe in the good service of investment pieces and trying not to get the same kind of bags every time. At least I thought so. However I have realised that lately my bags have very similar size and style. Typically top handle (cause I like to carry my bags not only on my shoulder but in my hands) and small/middle size. Practically I have no big size bags, except a very much loved and very much used Victoria Beckham tote bag – which should be slowly retired. Shoppers are basics, sometimes we just simply need space for useless things to carry.

For business


Also one of the best options to take with you to work (for those comfy flats out of the office) is a spacious, but not too big tote bag. Or for travelling. Especially when you have kids. You need space for all the things your kids are giving to you, and you need a mini space for yourself (lol).

For everything else


So I am on the search of the perfect tote bag and I have made a list of my favourites. Regarding the prices: designer shoppers are just as pricy as any other designer bag, but the quality is also high. Tote bags are for carrying a lot of stuff in them and in my experience it is worth it to pay a little more and have a perfect tote bag for a longer time. Still I try to stay reasonable and look for an ideal fusion of price, look, practicality and durability. But out of all these I like it is really not easy to stay reasonable 🙂 .

What is your most important criteria when you buy a bag? Price? Style? Functionality? Would love to hear your opinion! x



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