The power of sportswear campaigns…

Have you ever thought about the creative campaigns’ or just generally the advertisements’ role in our lives? What kind of message do they deliver and what sort of effects do they have on us? Lately I’ve come across some great campaigns that had a common theme: SPORT. Do we need an extra motivation at this level or is it just a coincidence that they are so great? Let me share a few of my favourite sportswear campaigns with you.

1. Reebok 2. Nike 3. New Balance 4. Adidas

In the past couple of years there has been dozens of successful ambient, viral and truly motivating sportswear campaigns done for several brands such as Reebok, Nike, New Balance or Adidas to name but a few. These creative visuals are known for blurring the boundaries of commercial and art with a sense of outstanding way to pick your brain and sneak into your mind. No surprise that designers like DKNY, Stella McCartney or high street brands such as H&M or Mango realised that the demand for stylish sportswear is there. We, women, love to see hot men in the sport campaigns but the truth is that we love seeing other women too. Let’s take for instance Karlie Kloss or Miranda Kerr in Reebok’s campaign. Don’t you just want to have her body so damn much? And there we go: the next day you go and buy some hot gym-wear and take a season-ticket in the closest gym if you haven’t had one yet. As easy is that. Such campaigns bear with serious motivational power and the fact that how tenacious you are is a whole different story. But they make you think, what’s more, to take action. The following ads have two things in common: women, and the fact that they got the public talking.



The common thing in Reebok’s and Nike’s commercial is that they both chose to promote their brands (and products) through two amazing models: Miranda Kerr and Karlie Kloss. While Reebok’s ad is starring Miranda Kerr, taking a shower after a tiring work-out session, Karlie is doing a quite personal talk on her fitness routine, goals, hard work, dedication, passion and the importance of feeling good yourself in your gym outfit.

New Balance


New Balance and Adidas took a completely different approach. New Balance’s sportswear campaign ‘Run’ is a loud monologue of our inner thoughts, the morning dilemmas of an hour of work-out vs. and hour of extra sleep. I guess we all have these kind of morning dilemmas mainly in such spooky weather…Are you? On the other hand Adidas is talking girls and team sports by underlining the beauty of human diversity and how sport can motivate us to create the perfect match within a team. Are you feeling the team spirit or are you the lonely runner type?

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