Three trending party looks for New Years Eve 2016

Christmas is right around the corner and I assume you all are ready with your presents! Right? In case not, my jolly joker tip is to get tickets to events online. Concert, ballet or any other tickets for special events make a beautiful present. You might not have the tickets right the way in your hands (they send them by post after all) but you can make a self-made card and announce your gift on that. This last minute gig saved my a** a lot of times 😉 .. Anyway, this post is not about Christmas presents anymore but about the next big thing this year: party looks for new year’s eve!

Usually I don’t make a big deal out of new year’s eve, no big partying, unless the feeling comes spontaneously on that evening. It is a kind of protesting against “must party” parties, cause most of the time they don’t turn out good. But I still attend once in a while an organised new years eve event, and that calls for an evening/party look. This year I am thinking about the following three styles, all in trend and none needs a huge investment. Most likely you have already all the pieces, cause these are the biggest trends this season. The trick would be only how you combine them.

1. Shine bright

Shouldn’t wear too much of the sparkle as we do not want the job of the disco ball, but I would definitely give glittery pieces to a new years eve look. There is actually probably no better time to wear that pretty sequenced skirt than now.

Click on the images to get the look!

2. Velvet

Velvet dress, shoes, bag or whatever, you can find everything now made of velvet. This fabric is a very elegant choice, still makes a perfect party style when you make the skirt shorter or the heels higher. In this look I especially love the stylish tension between the purple heels and the blue velvet dress!

Click on the images to get the look!

3. Rock on

One of my very favourite is the rocker style that can be so easily achieved with wearing most of the favourite colour of parties: black. For mastering an almost all black look I would play with textures, prints and add rocking accessories. Rock on babes, enjoy your party!

Click on the images to get the look!


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