Travel the world: Aloha from Hawaii

You might have noticed that things were slowing down in the last few weeks. Luckily it is nothing more than me taking a break, and this time I am taking it seriously. Aloha from Hawaii!

hawaii waikiki beach

I have already been on vacation since I started blogging (which reminds me that I still owe you a travel post about my latest Maldives visit) but to be honest I have never really taken a real break off of “work”. Being in an online business means you are expected to always be online and that makes vacations kind of stressful. Whenever me and my family travelled, I always was on my toes to keep everything smooth. I wanted to have just as much as action on my blog as without traveling it would be. But this also meant I could never have a real vacation. Never could truly turn my radars off and relax and recharge.

It is different this time.. we have got far far away for a longer vacay (Hawaii is around 23 hours travel from my home but I would not like to be anywhere else right now) and I decided to keep my online presence limited to my Instagram account. There I keep on posting almost every day and my Insta stories are practically live. (Have you seen that beautiful waterfall the other day? Or the surfers at the North Shore?). I guess it means I am kind of “half online”. Cause you can not just get completely away from something you love to do, right? 😉

So lovely people I just wanted to let you know that everything is wonderful, I am just on vacation and coming back to you soon filled with new energy and loads of inspiration.

Until then just come around to Instagram and enjoy the sun, sand and sea with me 😉 . xx Dolna

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