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During the styling process of my upcoming LOOKbook post I had to face the fact that I am pretty much out of any trending accessories. How can that even happen to someone who takes herself seriously in the fashion business (duuuuuh!!)?! So obviously I have started as fast as I could the hunt for accessories of any kind that elevate an outfit and help to finalise a perfect look.


Accessories might be even more important than clothes: they can determine the whole styling and give a strong first impression. There are some fashion icons who have some signature looks determined by their choice of accessories, like tiny belts for Olivia Palermo or bold jewellery for Iris Apfel (watch the trailer of the upcoming documentary about her here). I do not see any top limits, it is truly the question of taste, but in my opinion there is no look that could be stated ‘finished’ without accessorising. I have made a shortlist of the currently trending accessories, come along!

Leather stickers

Anya Hindmarch is the queen of leather stickers, I am a big fan! I already have some letters from her (see here) but her creativity doesn’t stop there! From smileys and construction signs till snake-skin hearts you can find a lot of fun stickers to decorate your leather goods.

Cat-eye sunnies

Linda Farrow is the name you need to know, undoubtedly she designs the best cat-eye sunnies on the market. From sweet kitties to roaring tigers the range of shapes is wild, just as well the prices, but there is a suiting favourite  for everyone.

Multiple necklaces

One would think that this trend is easy to follow: just wear all of your necklaces at the same time and you are ready to go. I am not saying it is not possible to smartly combine different necklaces but why not take the easier and safer way: get multiple necklaces in one. The Love Charm from DADI (first left) is my very favourite!

Unconventional rings

There are a lot of novelties in the jewellery market and one of my favourite is the diversity of ring designs. Multiple rings, double rings, PVD plate rings, geometry and architectural influence is all present in the latest designs. Besides, all the big labels are represented in the ‘ring-market’, like Valentino, Margiela or Saint Laurent (in this order below).

Fun sun hats

When I think of sun hats the first that comes in my mind is a basic, light brown, short brim style – boring, right? But sun hats are much more fun these days, different sizes of brim, sparkling colours, pom-poms and all and they are not anymore only for the beach. I have discovered a really fun brand, YOSUZI and I totally fall in love with their designs! I just have recently ordered one from the below three, can you guess which one?

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