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The spring/summer season seems to arrive in reality as well, not only in our calendars (happy dance), so I was going through my wardrobe to check what I have at hand, out of the trends of the season (remember I do it actually regularly). There are definitely a few real game-changers which are influencing the street-style scene and might be inspirational to all of us. I find there are nine dominant styles to rock during the warmer seasons, maybe you have more? Share them with us in a comment!

I am not a big fan of too bold overall looks, but I like to seamlessly integrate outstanding pieces into my style as an eye-catcher or even as the centre piece of an outfit. The current trends are very diverse, giving space to all of us to take whatever it is the closest to our heart. However to make a full list of the hottest fashion buys of the season was not very easy. I would say these nine trends are not necessarily covering every offer, bur they are surely the closest to my heart. (Click on the one you like to take you to the store you can get it.)

1. The Roman sandal: It is very much in fashion to wear the Roman style now. Pair it with mini dresses or skirts, keeping the lace up style in centre.

2. The “anytime” coat: typically 3/4 sleeves and no inlay. These cover ups are the most stylish garments to keep you heated on a not-warm-enough-yet spring day or a chilled summer evening.

3. The midi skirt: midi skirts are lengthening the figure and everyone can wear them independently of their height. My favourites are the pencil styles, as they are not only lengthening but flattering as well.

4. The oh-so-pretty dress: this is a piece that everybody needs to have. At least one. But more is the merrier. Doesn’t matter if you are a romantic gal or a super-hot cat, everyone likes to be a simple princess ones in a while.

5. The pyjama suit: thats a tough one. This is a style that is surely not to everyone, I have never had one myself either. But this piece from Valentino is simply dreamy.

6. The reworked denim: denim is so very huge in the last few seasons and I am absolutely blown away by the creativity of the designers. The fabric itself is a big favourite of mine but with these new wave styling I like it even more.

7. The top-to-toe lace: lace skirts, lace jumpsuits, lace dungarees… and I could continue. There is almost nothing that was not made out of lace lately. And I couldn’t agree more on lace-ing.

8. The haute knit: I am a fan of knits but not so impressed by simple knit sweatshirts anymore. But how could a knit be more inspiring? With foldings, with embellishments, spiced up with crochet and so on…

9. The forever bag: Yes, I am a little crazy when it comes to bags (familiar?). Have you seen my last crash on Instagram? That is the perfect example of the forever bag. For every seasons, for every trends, for day or night.


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