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I am not only aesthetically sensitive in regard of fashion but a sucker for beautifully packed beauty products. Of course I always check what is inside but the first thing that pulls me closer to a product is how I feel when I look at it. When you walk into a beauty shop lately, for sure you find a section with all the pretty pastel colours – which are a huge trend now anyway. And my favourite new beauty products happen to be involved with pastel pink.

pastel pink beauty products

Pastel pink is a perfect colour for brunettes like me – regardless if you wear it as clothing or make up. It looks soft and bloomy, which is really refreshing after the hard winter days.  Even just to look at these products makes me feel like spring is not far away. You see what I mean? Anyhow “pinking it up” is one of the ways to fight the gayness 😉 .

Out of all my favourites listed above I would like to highlight 3 really amazing beauty products which happened to be packed into beautiful pastel pink.

1. The lavender sleeping mask



I have this pretty mask and it is a lifesaver for me lately. I am not sleeping very well and I think this mask helps me to get there easier. The smell is heavenly for those who like lavender and the back side of the silk mask is velvet. Soft and completely blocks the light out. I only can recommend, also for traveling.

2. The lifting serum




Now this is a pricey product, but I am just about to try it, cause by the description it is exactly what women, who want to prevent facial ageing, need. It is a serum that has a brightening effect by controlling the melanin production of the skin. It is and important factor for me, because I get spots all around my face when I get tanned. We will see the result in a few months, stay tuned.

3. The lipstick



I happend to have a lot of lipsticks despite of the fact that I rarely wear lipsticks. I just love the colours and once in a while when I use them I feel much more feminine (thinking of Audrey Hepburn right now, you know, she said a girl doesn’t read important letters without her lipstick on lol). Anyhow, this pretty pastel pink shade took me off of my feet, it is just so soft and beautiful.

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