Tweed sneakers are trending

When you think about it, fashion is indeed a creative business. Just when you’d thought that designers distressed all of their ingenious sources, the next season they come up with something completely unexpected. And here I’m not trying to refer to crazy stuff but very wearable things like the tweed sneakers trend for example.

Chanel Fall 2014 RTW
Chanel Fall 2014 RTW (Image: Fairchild)

When Chanel says flats, then it’s definitely flats  – as we have shown you before. And when they say tweed sneakers, it’s tweed sneakers. So blame it on Karl but it was Chanel’s couture sneakers – created with Massaro – where it all began. Yes by now, it became a trend. From Susie Lau through Anna Dello Russo to Rihanna they could not resist being the first ones who fully embraced this trend. The footwear may have been more practical on the catwalk this season, but it certainly wasn’t any less stylish. Obviously these are not your ordinary sneakers I’m talking about. Each pair was made with unconventional materials for a sneaker like python, with lace, pearls, and tweed, very true to Chanel brand and style both in quality and attitude. I was just wondering, is it finally legit from now on to math your dreamy wedding dress with sneakers?

chanel kicks2
The tweed sneakers army of Chanel (All images: Fairchild)

I remember the kind of college kicks when I matched my compulsory black-and-white uniform with sneakers instead of pretty ballerinas or heels, like we were supposed to. So the moment I laid my eyes on the Chanel sneaks these lovely memories just got all over the place. Not only Chanel’s though but as well Casadei’s, Kate Spade’s and Superga’s tweed maniac hit the market. After Isabel Marant‘s world-dominating wedge style and the instant slip-on sneakers it was just about time to see how Chanels is incorporating the iconic fabric into some sporty designs. By the way have you ever thought about wearing your Chanel at the supermarket? Stamped with the iconic double ‘C’ of Chanel on the sole, the sneakers come in twenty different combinations of materials and colours: tweed in a multitude of effects, and colours such as pink and black, orange, black and gold, pink and silver, red and green.

For Chanel’s kicks you gotta go to one of their stores…but if their aesthetics (and price range) is a bit far from you then definitely check out the following styles too:


1. Sparkling crystals and metallic threads offer playful contrast to graphic tweed on Kate Spade New York slip on sneakers.

2. Sarah Summer’s iridescent wool tweed sneakers are speaking of proper stylish vibes, that are both warm and comfy.

3. In a collaboration with The Man Repeller, Superga sneakers marry luxury with carefree style. It’s both super cool and super affordable!

4. These beyond cool Casadei limited edition of sneakers created exclusively for Luisa Via Roma.

After your purchase, please don’t forget to tweed your sneakers away!

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