Valentine’s day: is “sexy lingerie” overrated?

I like every reason to celebrate and shortly after Christmas now there is Valentine’s day ahead. There is no chance to forget it cause hearts and flowers, sweet scents and sexy lingeries are popping up wherever we look. Especially lingeries. Very, very sexy lingeries. But are these very, very sexy lingeries that we need for being/feeling really, really sexy? Anyway, what kind of lingerie do we suppose to wear on the other 364 days of the year? It is a little sensitive topic I know, but no worries ladies, I am sure we have already lost our men readers at this point.

sexy lingerie
I started to draw again. Feels good 🙂

For a few weeks now since I have been in the hunt for some pretty lace bras cause I can’t miss the lace-exposed-discretely-at-the-deep-cut-of-the-megasoft-v-neck-knit look that’s trending for a while (never too late, it looks ah-mazing). But just as I wrote this down I feel a little embarrassed not having (at least) one of this lace miracles already. It is not that I have no lace or any other kind of “sexy” lingerie, but I do not specifically have the one I tend to think everyone else is having, except me. And then all the Valentine’s day offers hit me, offering seriously hot but doubtably wearable lingeries. It just made me think of my drawer where I store my extremely diverse intimates – unbelievable how taste and habit is changing through the years. From double D-aiming padded bras via high wasted briefs till almost invisible, tiny thongs there is everything but not. one. pretty. lace. bra. without wire.

Apropos wire: a few years ago I could not imagine to wear a bra with such a minimal  support as the cut. I went for wires, pads,  and more pads to optically make my (khm) boobs look fuller. But now I only would wear such a thing when the dress requires it. And it has nothing to do with the pressure of trends. I guess. Or does it?

So here we are: sexy lingerie for Valentine’s day. But what about all the other days? I want to be sexy all year long for my man but I also would like to feel comfortable. The two mostly don’t go well together. So how do I do it? The not-matching-underwear situation doesn’t sound sexy. And I have this case a lot. Cause when my top colour/texture is different than the pants/skirts I want to wear (etc) then no compromises, I wear the bra for the top and the panties for the pants. Wearing a nude wireless bra sounds probably even worse – but they are so extremely comfortable (brand to know: Commando (perfect name)). So what do I do?? After giving some thoughts to it I decided that all the beautiful offers for Valentine’s day are really great, might even go for it, but sexy lingerie here, sexy lingerie there, at the end the man that matters will want to see you out of them anyway. 🙂


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