Velvet dress and over the knee boots

There is something mesmerising about velvet. The fabric lives with your every move and it doesn’t matter what colour it is, the tone has a deepness that you can not see on any other fabrics. I was not really a velvet-girl before but since I have this velvet dress, I have signed up for life-long loyalty.

velvet dress-over-the-knee-boots-statement-necklace-2459
Photos: Isabell Jetchev

Velvet was always a royal fabric, popular not only in fashion but interior design as well – last year when I was looking for a sofa I was very close to get a velvet one. The velvet revolution in fashion has started (again) a few months ago and the fever has not got less since. Velvet dress, shoes, bag, jacket – there is everything you want, made out of this beautiful textile (I am keeping my eyes on these velvet booties currently waiting for being on sale. The colour is just so amazing!!). A few months ago I have got this velvet dress and wear it ever since, for different occasions. Actually this style is extremely versatile: you can wear it as a dress or as a “maxi coat“, with over the knee boots or with fine heels.. and so on. The options to style it are countless.

More velvet


For this look I wear it with my current favourite over the knee boots for a more casual still eye-catching look. I really like the contrast of the fine fabric and a bit more massive footwear. Somehow reminds me to the 70’s glamorous time. If I would wear a coat with this look then it would be a fake fur one, like this. Or a fake fur stole like this one I discovered on Etsy last time (have you entered the Etsy GIVEAWAY? You still can do it right here).

Now, at the end of the year, there are plenty of possibilities to wear a long velvet dress, with all the holiday partying going on. How would you style yours?

What I Wear

Velvet dress: Attico Over the knee boots: Stuart Weitzman Bag: Saint Laurent Necklace: Dylanlex Ear-cuff: Lynn Bann

velvet dress-over-the-knee-boots-statement-necklace-2345 velvet dress-over-the-knee-boots-statement-necklace-2436 velvet dress-over-the-knee-boots-statement-necklace-2371 velvet dress-over-the-knee-boots-statement-necklace-2361 velvet dress-over-the-knee-boots-statement-necklace-2496

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