Warm and on trend: the maxi coat

I was in Hamburg last weekend and was permanently on the run the whole day on Black Friday. It was freezing and I can’t be grateful enough for this maxi coat I was wearing. Before that day I could not imagine how much a few centimetres can mean when it comes to cold.

Photos: Isabell Jetchev

Cyber Week is almost over (today it ends) but it also means that midseason sales kick off soon (actually already have started at some shops). Perfect timing just before Christmas, so I really try to get my gifts around this time. Unless it is online shopping, it means a lot of time spent outside, running around in the city, just as I did last weekend in Hamburg.

Maxi coat

Last weekend it was so cold that I regretted not to wear gloves and a hat. At the same time I was happy to realise that my maxi coat was the best choice to wear for the shopping tour. I do not remember having such a long coat in my life but now I know I will always have one. The extra length keeps you warm, even if you do not wear socks (still can’t make myself to wear socks with sneakers). I have some long coats which are long enough to cover my knees, but a coat that covers my calves is totally different. It is seriously warm. It was such a new experience for me and I loved it! I have got many compliments about my maxi coat as it seems to be quite unusual to see such a style around. It is not very easy to find extra long outerwear but there is some around. I really hope that more is to come! This style from Golden Goose is a special one with an asymmetric look and rubber covered buttons. The buttons are weird – love them 🙂 . This is my go to coat for day and night now, I was wearing it for shopping during the day and in the evening over a very chic dress (must show you, so pretty and I got it on Black Friday!!) . It works either way.

A little extra note: as the length is unusual for me, I kind of had to learnt to move around in the coat. If you don’t want to clean up the floor then you sometimes have to lift it up, like you would do it with a long skirt. When you go on stairs for example or when you sit somewhere. But this is a minor thing that has become unnoticeable after the first day wearing it.

Do you have a maxi coat? Or do you like the idea of it at all? x

What I Wear

Coat: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Knit: Zara (similarLeather pants: Zara (similarSneakers: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Bag: Chanel (similar, pre-loved) Earrings: Carolina Bucci

maxi-coat-silver-sneakers-golden-goose-1839 maxi-coat-silver-sneakers-golden-goose-1860 maxi-coat-silver-sneakers-golden-goose-1927 maxi-coat-silver-sneakers-golden-goose-1942 maxi-coat-silver-sneakers-golden-goose-1982 maxi-coat-silver-sneakers-golden-goose-1950
maxi-coat-silver-sneakers-golden-goose-1967 maxi-coat-silver-sneakers-golden-goose-2055 maxi-coat-silver-sneakers-golden-goose-2038

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