Ways to stay stylish at winter

I just have returned from an amazing vacation on the Indian ocean (travel report follows) and right the way needed to jump into very warm layers. It is quite challenging to set my mind from bikinis to warm textures, at the same time I am excited about bringing the most out of fall/winter dressing. Cause somehow being chic when it is warm seems to be easier than keeping stylish at winter time.

stylish at winter tweed-palazzo-pants-beret-and-chanel-boy-bag-0153
Photos: Isabell Jetchev

Summer is my very favourite season, not only because of the bright light, the smell of flowers or the soft heat but because I am not fan of carrying thousands of layers on me for staying warm. At the same time when it is cold, my competitive nature comes out and wants to prove (to myself) that I can take the hard task and stay stylish at winter too. I have a simple, 3 points theory for keeping style and cold good together.

1. Stay warm

I am totally against freezing for fashion. For instance I really do not like stockings and such, so I really try to extend having bare legs as long as I can, but health is number one. What I do is that I always look for warm clothing with a twist. And here come the next two points into play.

2. Combine textures

Textures are the jolly joker for me when it comes to warm clothing. Chunky (or any way twisted) knits, tweed, faux fur etc. are wonderful options to spice up any look. A simple grey attire, like the one on the picture, can look so special when there are textures in play.


3.  Go for volume

My motto, specially for the upcoming winter is: the bigger the better! Oversized styles are huge (literally) this winter, but I love them at any time. Mostly because I am a comfy gal and huge volumes are very comfortable. Wide leg pants, oversized sweaters, oversized coats are not only practical but absolutely on trend.


These are my tips for staying stylish at winter. How about you? What do you do for achieving a chic look in the cold?

What I Wear

Beret: H&M Knit: Acne Studios (more from AcnePants: Zara (similarBooties: Balenciaga Belt: Versace Bag: Chanel

stylish at winter tweed-palazzo-pants-beret-and-chanel-boy-bag-0232 stylish at winter tweed-palazzo-pants-beret-and-chanel-boy-bag-0373 stylish at winter tweed-palazzo-pants-beret-and-chanel-boy-bag-0236 stylish at winter tweed-palazzo-pants-beret-and-chanel-boy-bag-0283 stylish at winter tweed-palazzo-pants-beret-and-chanel-boy-bag-0234 stylish at winter tweed-palazzo-pants-beret-and-chanel-boy-bag-0293 stylish at winter tweed-palazzo-pants-beret-and-chanel-boy-bag-0305 stylish at winter tweed-palazzo-pants-beret-and-chanel-boy-bag-0329 stylish at winter tweed-palazzo-pants-beret-and-chanel-boy-bag-0273 stylish at winter tweed-palazzo-pants-beret-and-chanel-boy-bag-0379

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