Wear your vest as a wrap-dress

I guess as I am getting older (and wiser of course 😉 ) I finally have got to the point when I do not want to wear always different kind of clothes but different kind of looks. That is why I appreciate versatile pieces that are easily adjustable to different styles. In such a manner vests are a very good example. You can wear them as they are supposed to be worn, layering over something. But why not use their full potential and give them new life as a wrap-dress? (I already styled this vest before)

wrap-dress upgraded military style-6421
Photos: Anny Opi

Of course the cut and the length of the vest matters. When the cut under the armpit is too low, or obviously when the vest is too short, then better to stick to layering. Otherwise you don’t need much for making a dress out of your vest, only a nice belt. Accessories are my weaknesses so it took me a while to decide what kind of belt I should add to this vest. Cause it looks great with a really wide one as well, but for toning down the military style a bit I decided to have ultra-feminine accessories. A pair of dusty pink pumps (this pair of Gucci is sold out but similar one here) and a natural colour thin belt with gold metal plate on the front (few years old). The vest looks great as a wrap-dress! The exact look I was wearing on a date night with hubby, but the best in it is that depending on your accessories (wide belt, sneakers, or a very cool bag) the vest-dress will transform wonderfully to any occasion. If you don’t have any (vest) but want one, this is a good time to get it, cause summer SALE is full on! xo

More vests that work as a wrap-dress

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wrap-dress upgraded military style-6493 wrap-dress upgraded military style-6450 wrap-dress upgraded military style-6470 wrap-dress upgraded military style-6522

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