Are you a wedge-tarian?

Wedge footwear is something that splits the audience, but I am actually happy to see the hits of 60’s – 70’s being unstoppable to come back into our life. Flare jeans make us retire our boyfriend jeans and suede cover ups are the latest must haves of the season (post comes later in details about this). And adding to this retro list, wedge sandals are kind of a basics to an effortless 70’s babe look.

I was asking my friends opinion about the comeback of platform and wedge and although the answers were quite diverse, nobody says clear no. Some say the sole looks so big and massive, especially with a platform – and most of the styles you can see in shops have 3-4 cm platforms. Others say it is pretty cool to have sandals so high, the legs look longer while the platform and the wedge heel makes the sandals stabile and comfortable. I, personally, am not sure about wedge sandals, not because of their massive look but because I am quite tall and having such a footwear on makes me taller than most of my friends (including male friends). But my husband being a beautiful tall man, he encourages me to ignore the facts and go for a beautifully crafted piece of retro footwear. How about you girls (and boys)? Are you wedge-tarian?

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