Welcome to Australia – Surfs, Kangaroos and UGG boots

Ladies and gents, I’m about to do my coolest interview ever… The thing is that I’m interviewing one of my best friends who has just come back from the surf paradise: AUSTRALIA. Her name is Katalin Horváth and she is a Nordic Style Magazine contributor in Copenhagen. My curiosity is at its best and I hope yours too. Let us take you to the land of kangaroos, surfs and UGG boots through our fruitful Q&A.

Dream beach at the Whitsunday Islands (All images: Katalin Horváth)

Australia deals with a landscape just like in your dreams; infinite beaches, tanned guys with sun-bleached curls, stylish bars, the Sydney Opera house, whales and much more. This is the kind of lifestyle Kate’s got to breath in during the last three weeks of magical sightseeing and now I’m about to get lost among her stories. But before we jump right in the middle of her adventures,  you must know that Kate and I went to university together in Denmark where we had our whole fashion design education. We had been desk mates, flatmates, Fashion Week sister in crimes and above all, best friends. Apart from friendship and our studies, work also holds us together. She’s currently a blogger at Nordic Style Magazine in Copenhagen, so every now and then we get to sit together at shows, discover the trendiest gastro and shopping spots and play dressing up before the after parties. Okay, let’s do it, I’m keen to get my daily dose of travel tips. So Kate…

What’s Australia for you in three words?

Waves, Chet Faker and super friendly people.

What was your favourite spot to eat out?

Lucky Penny in Melbourne for lunch and Beach Burrito in Sydney for dinner.

What did you get?

Fresh leafs with carrot puree, smashed almonds and poached eggs at Lucky Penny and the most delish Mucho Burrito on Earth at the Beach Burrito restaurant.

Most gorgeous piece of architecture?

Without any doubt the Opera House in Sydney.

The stunning Sydney Opera House by Jørn Utzon and Ove Arup

What did you like the most?

Ahh EVERYTHING! I saw indescribably beautiful beaches, amazing architecture. I also did a boat trip, where I snorkelled and slept on a boat for the first time. And, no, I did not get sea-sick, so I was quite lucky.

What did you like the least?

The fact that there were not so many bikers in the big cities. I always imagined Australians as a nation, who would be biking to work, just like the Dutch and the Danes do.

What about Australians’ style?

Hmm, I love the Australian style. Its very laid back – flip flops, board shorts and maxi dresses, but at the same time it can be very elegant and sexy. In the big cities, like Melbourne and Sydney I spotted many cool business kind of outfits too.

Any good brands to check out?

I love Dion Lee, he’s the number one on my list. But then there are also a few others that I really like, such as Bassike, Sass&Bide, Uniform Studios and Senso shoes. As for beauty brands, I would strongly recommend Aésop. The perfect shopping place that I really liked is called the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, an impressive building that treats you just like a queen.

The Queen Victoria Building in Sydney

What’s the coolest Australian Fashion Magazine?

Definitely RUSSH Magazine and just when I was traveling to Australia, their June issue was out, which is featuring Freja Beha Erichsen, whom I loveeee. So, buying the magazine was one of the first things I did after landing.

Any Australian bloggers you have been following?

I think Zanita Who, Amanda Shadforth from Oracle Fox and Margaret Zhang from Shine by Three, are my TOP 3. But then again, because I love minimalism, I really like Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley, because she is mostly only wearing black, grey and white.

The craziest thing about Australia?

The captain on my boat trip was wearing Billabong board shorts, a hoodie and UGG boots in the evening. That pretty much sums up Australian style. Apart from the left-hand traffic also the disharmony of the pedestrians and drivers – watch yourselves when you want to cross the street.

What are the TOP 5 places you’d recommend us to see?

Visit the Opera House and Bondi Beach in Sydney, go snorkelling or scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, try the poached egg. While in Melbourne I would recommend to check out the National Gallery of Victoria and the Royal Botanical Gardens.

What’s the best beach?

The Whitsunday Islands are amazing, the sand is so white and the wind shapes the beach, so the look of it in the morning is totally different from the one in the evening. Really impressive! This place is perfect for relaxation with not so many people. So, if you prefer the busy beach experience, while checking out hot Australian guys surfing, then definitely Bondi Beach is a place to crash.

Big city life: The skyscrapers of Melbourne
Kate’s delicious lunch at Lucky Penny in Melbourne
Spotting colours on the streets of Sydney
Say hi to our little friend at Airlie Beach
The magical Bondi Beach after sunset

Thanks so much Kate for sharing your insights, I hope you know that next time we travel together! Do you ladies and gents have any tips you wish to share about Australia? If so, our comment section is always ready for your thoughts!

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