What is an Investment Piece in Fashion and Why We All Need Some

In the fashion world you regularly hear the expression investment piece, but what exactly makes something to be one? Is the purpose of the expression only to justify the high prices designer items have? And anyway, why is it worth it to pay like half (or a full month) salary for something that you “only” wear?

investment piece

It is not like investing into something that you can later profit from, or at least not in the classic meaning of profiting. Still in my opinion the expression investment piece makes sense not only in the real estate business but in fashion as well. The fashion industry refers to something as an investment piece when it has a timeless design, classics from well known designer houses, like the trench coat from Burberry, the boy bag from Chanel or like those wonderful Manolos every girl wants to marry in. Investment pieces are designs which never go out of style. Signature items that one can recognise from far. Usually they are produced in every season repeatedly, with little updates but with keeping the original style… But why should anyone pay so much money for a Louis Vuitton Neverfull or a Celine trapeze bag?! Here are my personal 3 reasons (don’t be shy to share yours in the comments):

1. An investment piece elevates every outfit

wearing your trainers with jeans and white t-shirt is a basic look, but when you add a Chanel boy, your outfit is instantly elevated (anyway, no one will look at your trainers anymore, only at your bag).

2. It’s timeless

For the price of one investment piece you might buy several trendy items, but do not forget: fashion trends are changing every single season! So lets say you are fashion conscious and you buy those trendy pieces for a “good” price – and suddenly you realise that your closet is very fast full with things you never want to wear anymore, cause they are out of trend. When you sum the prices of all those trendy pieces, for that money I am sure you could already have at least one investment piece that you will wear next season as well. And after that too. And your daughter will heritage it (mine sure will). And she will wear it too.

3. Save money on the rest of your outfit

This relates to point 1. but it is slightly different. I am a fan of mixing high and low: I go shopping to Zara or Asos (that is usually where I get those “trendy pieces” I am not willing to pay high price for) and I like to combine my savvy buys with high fashion classics, like in this look. All I saved on the skirt and the top I simply put into those Pradas ;).

My selection of investment pieces:

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