What to wear when visiting the Arctic Circle

Hello from the Arctic Circle, dear friends! I take a break of my everyday adventures and seek a new one with my family: we are at Finnish Lapland. This trip is a rather an outstanding one in our travels, because usually we look for warm, exotic places like the Caribbean (my latest looks here), but this time after the strangest winter at home, we want real cold and real snow. But we are no experienced nordic travellers, thus it was rather challenging to find out what we need to wear in hardcore minus degrees. This post is dedicated to people like me:  absolute beginners in packing to the Arctic Circle.

We are no skiers (it was probably 12 years ago when last time I was on the piste) that means we  practically had to start our packing list from zero. I have checked several traveling sites giving advices on what you need to wear around the Arctic Circle when you are spending there an active time outside (no skiing), and this is what I have learned:

– you always need several layers of everything (also true for the gloves)

– pure wool is preferred for base layers

– your snow boots should be one number bigger than your feet for leaving space for really thick socks

– forget about St. Moritz, stretch ski trousers will not be suitable for driving with snowmobiles or husky safaris, you need everything padded

– covering your face is crucial, especially when the weather turns windy or you ride those snowmobiles.

Since we are here for a few days now I can confirm that these simple advices above are totally useful and true. In case you order your snow outfits online like I did, it is really important that you look for padded trousers and jackets! A lot of outdoor clothing is developed for active use like skiing, they use special fabrics against wind and wet but without padding. With high-tech but thin outfit you will be really cold here. As Scandinavian people say: there is no bad weather, only bad outfits. When you are prepared you have the best time here. About this amazing experience in Finnish Lapland there will be a separated travel post! Stay tuned 🙂 !

What I wear:


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